About Joe Rice

Photography has always been a keen interest of mine. I have travelled to various locations around the world taking pictures of sunrises, sunsets, coastal and landscapes. I studied an A level photography but found self-taught education has produced the best results to date. Using tutorials on YouTube and interviews from other photographers I feel you get a knowledge base from many rather than one young inexperienced photographer. This is also the reason I have enrolled onto the Photography BA Honours course with the OCA (Open College of the Arts) as they allow you to do the degree through distance learning and you get a personal tutor who has had a strong professional career in photography. There is no substitute to practice and experience. I plan to be more experimental with my style of photography and will use the degree to learn new skills and develop my photography.

My favourite picture was of a sunrise on Mission Beach Australia. I had to plan the timing of the photo perfectly but at the same time watch out of crocodiles who were forced into the sea from the rivers by the bigger males down to mating season. As I walked on the beach there was no one else in sight. Its how you would imagine paradise with palm trees, soft sand and to set the moment the tide was going out exposing the sea rocks. I decided to climb the rocks but fell on my back after seeing a snake. I was taking pictures but had to be honest that this was Tropical Queensland and despite my advanced photographic technology I could easily be eaten or poisoned. I wasnt the only animal enjoying the morning light even though my reason was for photographs and not food. At the end I got the perfect shot and one day I will return to this location to take more pictures now I have a better camera


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